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The Companies Act, 2013

Chapter VII - Management And Administration (88-122)

Section 104- Chairman of meetings.

[Notification/Effective Date:12-09-2013]

Section 104 shall apply to a private company; unless otherwise specified in respective sections or the articles of the company provide otherwise- Notification F No 1/ 1/2014- CL.V dated 05.06.2015.

Section 104 shall apply to the  Specified IFSC public company, unless otherwise specified in the articles of the company. -Notification G.S.R. 08(E) dated 04.01.2017

Section 104- Chairman of meetings. [Corresponds to Section 175 of the Companies Act, 1956]; [Relevant Rule: 3 to 8 of The Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014]

(1) Unless the articles of the company otherwise provide, the members personally present at the meeting shall elect one of themselves to be the Chairman thereof on a show of hands.

(2) If a poll is demanded on the election of the Chairman, it shall be taken forthwith in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the Chairman elected on a show of hands under sub-section (1) shall continue to be the Chairman of the meeting until some other person is elected as Chairman as a result of the poll, and such other person shall be the Chairman for the rest of the meeting.