Making a document is considered as tedious, boring & time consuming task galloping lot of your professional time leaving lessor time for other important assignment at times. This creates unnecessary pressure affecting your output leaving chances of error, putting you to stress & forcing you to run all the time to meet management/client expectations. Due to increased documentation requirements, a professional finds himself struggling managing various assignments within fixed time frame. This makes him either sit late or work on weekends or carry his office work to home thus making the life mechanical and leaving little time for himself and family.

It is proven fact now that stress on work is causing lot of health related issue amongst professionals besides making them struggle to balance their professional and personal life. By the time they reach home they are already exhausted. Dokmart is an attempt to add a smile in your life by saving your precious time and reducing your stress level at work. We bring professionally made ready to use documents, draft and formats at this portal which can be quickly fit into your requirement with minor customisation. Our ready to use and customised documentation services can add some life to you by saving your time & efforts which goes waste into unproductive work of drafting & documentation.

We work hard to see, that all important matters under relevant law are captured in our documents listed at this portal, leaving a little chances for any error at your end. We keep on updating these documents from time to time, thus leaving you free from requirement for creating your library of formats, which tends to become obsolete with time in changing regulatory environment.

Now you do not need to worry to save & organise different formats in your computer, hard disk as they may become obsolete with time, whereas we endeavour to update them regularly as per changing regulatory requirements ensuring that the documents you use is as per latest applicable laws.