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The Companies Act, 1956

Winding Up (Section 425 to 560)

Section 450 Appointment and powers of provisional liquidator.

Section 450 Appointment and powers of provisional liquidator. 

(1) At any time after the presentation of a winding up petition and before the making of a winding up order, the Tribunal may appoint the Official Liquidator to be liquidator provisionally.

(2) Before appointing a provisional liquidator, the Tribunal shall give notice to the company and give a reasonable opportunity to it to make its representations, if any, unless, for special reasons to be recorded in writing, the Tribunal thinks fit to dispense with such notice.

(3) Where a provisional liquidator is appointed by the Tribunal, the Tribunal may limit and restrict his powers by the order appointing him or by a subsequent order; but otherwise he shall have the same powers as a liquidator.

(4) The Official Liquidator shall cease to hold office as provisional liquidator, and shall become the liquidator, of the company, on a winding up order being made.