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The Companies Act, 1956

Directors (Section 252 to Section 323)

Section 287 Quorum for meetings.

Section 287 Quorum for meetings

(1) In this section

(a)"total strength" means the total strength of the Board of directors of a company as determined in pursuance of this Act, after deducing there form the number of the directors, if any, whose places may be vacant at the time; and

(b)"interested director" means many director whose presence cannot, by reason of section 300, count for the purpose of forming a quorum at a meeting of the Board , at the time of the discussion or vote on any matter.

(2) The quorum for a meeting of the Board of directors of a company shall be one-third of its total strength (any fraction contained in that one-third being rounded off as one), or two directors, whichever is higher:

Provided that where at any time the number of interested directors exceeds or is equal to two-thirds of the total strength, the number of the remaining directors, that is to say, the number of the directors who are not interested, present at the meeting being not less than two, shall be the quorum during such time.