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Secretarial Standard -1 - Meeting of Board of Directors - Through Flow Chart

New & interesting way of having grasp over Secretarial Standard-1 on Board Meeting through Flow Chart. The Flow chart is meticulously framed and will help you register this whole SS-1 provisions in your memory and at the same time will save your time and effort.

Approximate Time Saving: 2 days


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Product Information

This document consist of Secretarial Standard -1 (Meeting of Board of Directors) through Flow Chart. It is designed in such a manner which gives you a quick glance of the provisions of Secretarial Standard within a minutes of time.   

Additional Information

This Standard is applicable to the Meetings of Board of Directors of all companies incorporated under the Act except One Person Company (OPC) in which there is only one Director on its Board. The principles enunciated in this Standard for Meetings of the Board of Directors are also applicable to Meetings of Committee (s) of the Board, unless otherwise stated herein or stipulated by any other applicable Guidelines, Rules or Regulations.

Adherence by a company to this Secretarial Standard is mandatory, as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.



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Secretarial standard -1 (board meeting) through flow chart