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MBP-1 of Chief Financial Officer

Form MBP-1 require to be given by Chief Financial Officer (CFO) before his / her appointment as CFO of the Company disclosing his / her interest in other entities.

Chapter: Chapter -XII

Section: Section 189(2)

Approximate Time Saving: 30 minutes

Product Information

This document contain the word format of "Form MBP-1 by Chief Financial Officer" which is required to be given by Chief Financial Officer before his / her appointment as CFO of the Company disclosing his / her interest in other entities. 

This document is prepared keeping in mind all the relevant provisions of Companies Act, 2013 read with rules made thereunder.

This document help you to save your time and effort. 

Additional Information

Section 189(2)


Every director or key managerial personnel shall, within a period of thirty days of his appointment, or relinquishment of his office, as the case may be, disclose to the company the particulars specified in sub-section(1) of section 184 relating to his concern or interest in the other associations which are required to be included in the register under that sub-section or such other information relating to himself as may be prescribed.


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Mbp-1 of cfo