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Form SH-4 Securities Transfer Form- E format

This is required in case of transfer of Shares / Debenture by one shareholder in favour of other person(s).

Chapter: Chapter - IV

Section: 56

Rule: Rule 11 of the Companies (Share Capital and Debentures) Rules 2014

Approximate Time Saving: 1 hour


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Product Information

This document contain the format of Securities Transfer Form required to be filled, signed and stamped by the shareholder in case he intend to transfer its securties to other person. 


Additional Information

Section 56 (1) : A company shall not register a transfer of securities of the company, or the interest of a member in the company in the case of a company having no share capital, other than the transfer between persons both of whose names are entered as holders of beneficial interest in the records of a depository, unless a proper instrument of transfer, in Form SH-4, duly stamped, dated and executed by or on behalf of the transferor and the transferee and specifying the name, address and occupation, if any, of the transferee has been delivered to the company by the transferor or the transferee within a period of sixty days from the date of execution, along with the certificate relating to the securities, or if no such certificate is in existence, along with the letter of allotment of securities:



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Transfer deed form- sh4