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Form DPT-2 - Deposit Trust Deed

This document required to be executed by the Company in case the company intends to invite secured deposit. Deposit Trust Deed specify the description of deposit scheme, detail of charges created, deposit insurance and particulars of Deposit Trustee.

Chapter: Chapter -V

Section: Section 73

Rule: Rule 7(2) of the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014

Approximate Time Saving: 3 hours

Product Information

This document contain the word format of Deposit Trust Deed required to be executed by the Company in case of raising of fund in the form of Deposit.

This is very well prepared to save your time and effort


Additional Information

Rule 7(1) No company referred to in sub-section (2) of section 73 or any eligible company shall issue a circular or advertisement inviting secured deposits unless the company has appointed one or more trustees for depositors for creating security for the deposits:

Provided that a written consent shall be obtained from the trustee for depositors before their appointment and a statement shall appear in the circular or circular in the form of advertisement with reasonable prominence to the effect that the trustees for depositors have given their consent to the company to be so appointed.

(2) The company shall execute a deposit trust deed in Form DPT-2 at least seven days before issuing the circular or circular in the form of advertisement.


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Deposit trust deed