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Form DIR-5 - Application for surrender of Director Identification Number

This application to be filed for Surrender of Director Identification Number

Chapter: Chapter- XI

Section: Section 153

Rule: Rule 11(f) of Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014

Approximate Time Saving: 30 minutes

Product Information

This document contain the word format of Form DIR-5 i.e. Application for Surrender of Director Identification Number. 

Additional Information

The Central Government or Regional Director (Northern Region), Noida or any officer authorised by the Regional Director may, upon being satisfied on verification of particulars or documentary proof attached with the along with fee as specified in Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014 from any person, cancel or deactivate the DIN in case -

(a) the DIN is found to be duplicated in respect of the same person provided the data related to both the DIN shall be merged with the validly retained number;

(b) the DIN was obtained in a wrongful manner or by fraudulent means;

(c) of the death of the concerned individual;

(d) the concerned individual has been declared as a person of unsound mind by a competent Court;

(e) if the concerned individual has been adjudicated an insolvent:

Provided that before cancellation or deactivation of DIN pursuant to clause (b), an opportunity of being heard shall be given to the concerned individual;

(f) on an application made in Form DIR-5 by the DIN holder to surrender his or her DIN along with declaration that he has never been appointed as director in any company and the said DIN has never been used for filing of any document with any authority, the Central Government may deactivate such DIN.


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