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Agenda of CSR Committee - Third Meeting

Draft Agenda of Meeting of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Chapter: IX

Section: 135

Rule: The Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014

Approximate Time Saving: 1 hour

Product Information

This document running into 10 pages consists of draft Agenda of Meeting of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Company, in editable word format making it handy for you to use and save your time and efforts.

This professionally made Agenda consist of Preamble and Draft Resolutions to be placed before the Committee wherever approval of the Committee is requested. 

The Index of  agenda of Meeting of CSR Committee is as follow:


To grant leave of Absence, if any


To take note of the minutes of 2nd  meeting of the CSR committee


To review the Action Taken Report (ATR) on the issues referred in the previous CSR Committee Meeting


To consider and approve CSR Project [Name of CSR Project] and to authorize execution of MOU with [Name of the Agency]


To consider and approve draft Annual Report on CSR for the FY [FY]

6 Any other business with the permission of the Chair



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Agenda -3rd meeting of CSR Committee